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1. The fish I eat most often is:

fried in a pan or on the grill
baked in the oven
I don't eat much fish

2. I normally use this dressing on my lettuce salads:

Ranch, French or similar
Balsamic salad dressing
Oil and vinegar
I rarely eat salads

3. I usually eat vegetables:

mainly at restaurants or cafeterias
heated up from a can with butter and salt
bought fresh and boiled
I don't eat many vegetables

4. For a lettuce salad I usually:

only eat lettuce salads at restaurants and cafeterias
buy a bag of pre-washed, cut lettuce
buy fresh lettuce and rinse it at home
I don`t buy lettuce

5. The meat dishes I most typically eat are:

breaded and deep fried
beef or pork steaks fried on the grill
baked in the oven
I don't eat much meat

6. The type of bread that I usually eat is:

store-bought wonder bread or similar
a loaf of bread from the bakery section
french bread or similar
I don't eat much bread

7. If I have toast in the morning, I usually put on it:

fresh avocado
I don't eat toast in the morning

8. The way I most enjoy eating potatoes is:

french fries
mashed potatoes or boiled potatoes
baked in the oven
I don't eat many potatoes

9. I most typically eat eggs:

fried or scrambled
I don't eat eggs much

10. The way I usually have chicken is:

with breaded coating
in a casserole or something similar
baked in the oven (no breaded coating)
I don't eat much chicken

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